ARCH 402/505
Spring Quarter, 2000
Digital Design Studio


Web Resources

Cool Sites

Case Studies of Web Sites: Class Links

Form Z Animation

Here is an PDF tutorial of how to make animation

using the Wexner Center model. (or find the FormZ file at Ellen's machine)

Animated Gif

How to create animated gif or morphing stuff.


How to make a QTVR object movie or panoramic movie from Form Z


Quick quide on making movies and panoramic picture.

Form Z to VRML

Check this page or go directly to

Form Z Exploded

Pioneer Square

Pioneer Preservation Group

restrictions/design guidelines: height restrictions, set backs, material use

future plan

history of pioneer square


Design precedents study, Library buildings


Design Competition, Library of Information Age

Form Z

Crash course on Form Z by CMU students


Official Form Z web site (check the support / resources page, many good tutorials there).


An introductory class on manipulating pictures.


Official PhotoShop Tutorials


Utilities to make Panoramic pictures. Using QuickTime Virtual Reality


Tutorial on Quick Time Virtual Reality

Tutorial on QTVR


Activate your Web Publishing


Authoring Web pages


Moving Files


Getting Started


Detail Tutorial


Hyper Text Mock-up Language Quick Reference

Color Codes 

Color Reference in Hex Code Red-Green-Blue


Moving Picture Experts Group


QuickEditer Movie Editing

More Form-Z

Getting into it Form Z Tutorial


Lighting and Texture


Virtual Reality Modeling Language Introduction


Quick and Easy Site Model building with Photographs as texture maps

VRML Plugin

Cosmo Player


Intervista WorldView


Web 3D Service Downloads


Computer Associates (CAI) downloads

Shareware Downloads



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