Digital Design Build: Student Profiles

Digital Design Build

Angela Gee
Growing up in Arizona and living in Seattle for the past 5 years has shaped who I am as a person and a designer. My future will include finishing a Master of Architecture degree, and then working towards becoming a licensed architect. My personal goals include learning more about pure design and theory.
Alan Paden
Graduate student in final year of school. Married, no children, 3 cats, 1 bird, many fish, plants, and a 5-foot iguana named "Reptar". Prior to attending school worked in outdoor retail industry for 16 years. Raised in Alaska and Pacific NW. Loves to travel and learn about the world. Voracious reader. Plays tennis and golf, both with frustrating results. Looking forward to life after school.
Frances Maiko Nelson
Seattle native, architecture student, p/t photog
Likes: my cohort jesse and sidekick nemo, the kadane brothers, magnum photogs, e.e. cummings, fireflies in chicago, oaxacan hot chocolate, lazy sundays, japanese dept. stores(even better)
Dislikes: (most) bugs, boy bands, being cold
Gabriel Reed
100% corn-fed Iowa boy.
Jen Lau
Graduate Student in last year!! Born in Virginia, raised in Maryland. "I'm an idealist. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way..."
John Benavente
John is originally from Illinois, but has lived in such glamorous places as Iowa, Massachusetts and Virginia; finally finding home in Seattle. He is interested in contemporary modern architecture and is also studying French. His ultimate goal is to practice in Paris. Pulleys are a good thing.
Ming-Chun Lee
Graduate student in final year of school. Born and grown up in Taiwan, been here for almost three years, married, have a lovely baby, enjoy exploring new stuff, however, my next step after school is to practice somewhere. Some other things, I like cooking, lots of chinese recipes would like to share with.
Rick Cook
"Desert Rat" who loves strong shadows, dim sum, High Modernism, low-brow pubs, adventure, convention (and knowing when to break it), spontenaity and dogs... Can the discipline of architecture help solve the social issue of homelessness? Can architecture posess an inherently spiritual nature? Only one way to find out...
Sam Berry
Dual Degree student in Architecture (BA) and Construction Management (BS). I currently live on Bainbridge Island and spend a lot of my time on a ferry or bus just getting back and forth. I love soccer, travel, pizza, Bumpy, and mexican wrestling. After school I look forward to living in a climate where people can go outside once in awhile. Currently, I'm exploring how embedded digital technology can be integrated into the home to provide for and promote a sustainable architecture: "The Living Building Project".
Won Sik Lee
Made in Korea and was imported here two years ago. Single- I want to get marry next year after finishing a Graduate Program but I do not know yet who is going to be my wife :) and will work here until get a AIA license.ננ
Young Joo Kahng
Born and grown up in Seoul, Korea. Young came to the U.S 1998 to pursue architecture Master Degree and to see other side of world. This is the last year in school and Young doesn't know where is next destination yet. Young loves to travel and explore many other cities. Young wants to be open-minded "always".
Professor Mark D. Gross
Mark D. Gross studied architecture and computing at MIT, and has been designing design tools ever since. His PhD in design theory and methods was done at the MIT housing group, directed by Dutch design methodologist N.J. Habraken. He taught at the University of Colorado in Boulder for 9 years before coming to the UW in 1999. He's interested in all aspects of advanced design computing, including how buildings might be made more responsive. Design Machine Group